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1 in 4 UK Couples Sleep in Seperate Beds Posted By : Latashia Jeri

For many people there isn't anything more romantic than drifting off to sleep cradled in the arms of their lover . Although many bask in this closeness, many people find sharing a bed taxing and are opting to shy away from co-sleeping.
Hand in hand with modern day living has come longer working hours and busier lifestyles meaning that the need for good quality sleep is more important now than ever before.
Bad bedtimes can potentially greatly enhance stress levels and increase blood pressure making us more susceptible to strokes, heart disease and depression. Not only is our health in danger but stress and fatigue brought on by interrupted sleep can sometimes have devastating effects on our relationships.
Solutions to the problem of sharing a bed with a fidgety other half have come in the form of duo beds which comprise 2 single mattresses that link together along the base of a divan. One step further is the invention of Miracoil, a mattress innovation that offers personal sleep zones for individual partners. Despite promising to combat the annoyance of roll-together, for some people the issue of involuntary movement because of a wriggling partner is only able to be relieved with separate sleeping.

One particular study of four thousand British couples found that 1 in 4 already sleep in separate beds and a further survey discovered that 22% of Brits would prefer a bedroom each if moving into a 2 bedroom home with their other half. What people don't seem to realise though is the phenomenon of sleeping in the same bed is a relatively modern occurrence.
Merely entertaining the idea of sleeping independently to our partners has become taboo but surely if our physical health and mental wellbeing are at stake than this is a talk that needs to be had.Somehow a separate bed in today's society is a sign of a flawed relationship yet ironically it could be the cure for lots of affected couples.
Those bold enough to have taken the plunge and shunned co-sleeping have seen an improved sense of satisfaction and happiness in their relationships; gone is the bedtime squabbling and mindless arguing in place of stronger communication and an active effort to spend more time together.
Couples who admit to sleeping in separate beds or indeed separate rooms quite often see an increase in their sex drives. Many couples complain of being too tired for sex but sleeping separately allows those that are managing to secure undisturbed sleep to feel more relaxed and in a better mind frame for sex. The thought of separate bedrooms may sound like sex-life suicide however for many, it heightens the passion towards their partner and several have actually revealed that they find nothing more erotic than 'visiting' their lover or 'being visited' for sex.

Plenty of of us who condone independent sleeping could be accused of being unromantic but surely giving up our sanity isn't worth nights of clumsy snuggling in a cramped bed just for the sake of keeping up appearances. I AM romantic and I love the thought of cuddling up to someone in my slumber however if after a long hard day, co-sleeping is only going to end up in a night of disrupted kip then I will brave the raised eyebrows and cherish my solo sleeping antics.

By: Latashia Jeri

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