Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How To Get An Ex Boyfriend Back Today! Posted By : Robert Brauer

Getting an ex boyfriend back is simple if you know how to do it. ?If you've left incessant messages on his phone, "facebook stalked" him, and would do anything to get him back, you're not alone. ?In fact, this is the most common response to getting dumped.?

The problem is, by acting like this you are not only becoming less and less attractive to him - you are ruining any possible chance of meeting another great guy in the mean time. ?The truth of the matter is this; if you don't change you man will be running into the arms of another woman - fast.

But there's hope. ?You can proactively do (and refrain from doing) specific things in order to get your man back as quick as possible - and have a relationship on your terms.

The first thing you must do is abandon any needy, clingy, and otherwise gross behavior. ?Imagine you were him. ?How would you react to someone acting like you may have? ?There's a better way to go about the situation...

What you need to do is match his level of status. ?While this sounds downright odd, it is the truth to attracting and keeping any man for the long term. ?But you may be thinking....

"Guys only want girls that look good!" Yes, there is some truth to that. ?Guys will hook up with women that are nothing more than attractive, BUT they will avoid long term relationships with them like the plague.?

So, here's what you need to do...

You need to embrace your inner femininity, sexuality, and raw power. ?Again, this sounds odd - I'm sure of it. ?But it will help you more than anything else. ?What you don't know about men is that their knees go weak when they encounter a women with high status, power, and confidence.

Every interaction you have with another man, especially your ex, should be through a confident, naturally sexy, and highly feminine perspective. ?

The key is to balance your femininity with confidence. ?If you are too feminine you may come off as needy or incapable of providing for yourself. ?If you are too confident you come across as too masculine. ?

Embrace these two things in every relationship you have with men in the future and you won't believe their response! ?

By: Robert Brauer

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