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Love Over 60 Burns Just as Bright

San Luis Obispo, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) January 20, 2011

Bob Kamm’s new book, Love Over 60, was inspired by his own true love story. A story of two people who recently found each other in their early 60s and took big risks to be together. Given their ages, their motto became “no green bananas” and they truly lived it.

Love Over 60 is a magnificent affirmation that love beyond 60 can burn even brighter than the love of youth and is far richer for its maturity. Prose and poetry weave the true story of Bob and Andrea’s meeting; how, within five months, Andrea had left a 25-year professional practice and moved 250 miles to be with Bob; when they bought a house, and why Bob embraced caring for Andrea’s ex-husband, a stroke victim.

Less than two years after meeting, Bob and Andrea opened The San Luis Relationship Institute on California’s Central Coast, merging their talents to offer therapy, coaching and workshops for couples, singles and parents.

Kamm’s work arises not simply from his love for his woman, but from the center of love itself. He is a voice for all of us who struggle to find words to equal the intensity of our feelings. The book blends prose and poetry that is at once highly personal and resoundingly universal.

Though his core readership for this book is Baby Boomers, Kamm’s enduring sense of romance will appeal to much younger individuals and couples as well. This work is, by turns, lyrical, touching, funny, sassy and sexy.

Kamm has extensive media experience, having been on CNN, NBC and Fox, done numerous radio and print (WSJ, NYTimes, USAToday, Washington Post to name a few) and gives a rich and lively interview.

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Praise for Kamm:

“Bob Kamm is one of America’s finest poets. He brings uncommon clarity and honesty to his work as well as an exquisite sense of imagery. His poems are rich with the subtle music of language that make you want to read them out loud again and again.” —Norm Jackson, Ph.D.

Author bio:

Bob Kamm is a man of deep lyric heart and an unlikely background, although he often describes himself as “just a guy who has had a life.” Kamm also wrote The Superman Syndrome, Real Fatherhood, and Lyric Heart. Together with his wife Andrea, Kamm offers therapy and couples workshops, singles workshops and parenting workshops at the San Luis Relationship Institute which they founded in 2009.

Love Over 60
By Bob Kamm
Published by AuthorHouse
Paperback & e-book
ISBN- Soft: 978-1-4520-8474-9 | e-book: 978-1-4520-8475-6

Retail Price- Soft: $18.00 | e-book: $9.99


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