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How to be Attractive for men- Six Tips on Men Want in a Woman Posted By : inspiring lives

Most women ask me so many questions about dating men. The most common questions are ?What are the things men really want in a woman?? to answer that question I?ve pointed out 6 vital things that every women should know for them to be more attractive to the eyes of men. So let us check this out

Every man wants a woman to admire them. Men are not always best in the thing that they do, but showing them some admiration you do it well by holding you man. Most man has the feeling to be strong, protective and helpful to women. And they also want to be rewarded with admiration. It?s not that they always need it though. But trust me they also want it. So if you don?t want your man leaves you don?t just constantly criticize him, questioning his move and making him feel like a donkey.

Man wants there woman to have a positive energy. Every man wants there woman to be happy. Because while they are working the man has enough negative energy all day, so he needed someone to lighten up his terrible day as soon as he arrives from home after a stressful day at work.

Most man wants a woman who knows about the things that are going on in his life. It?s not that you need to know every single detail, but it?s your part as a girlfriend to remember when things are happing in his life most especially important event in his life; he will really like it when they remember to ask about that it. This makes him feel special.

Most man wants there women to be forgiving. Well, of course no needs for you to forgive a man for everything depending on the issues like cheating etc. Every man want there woman who can forgive them in small issues such as in dating or their relationship with you. Most men know that they are not the best in terms of dating and relationships. Occasionally they will do something wrong and they know that they will be ?punished?. They don?t want women who can never forgive and let him forget thing like that. See what I mean.

Every man wants there woman who cares about being beautiful and sexy for him. Men likes there women who can take good care of themselves, and knows how to be sexy for him. For instance wearing the perfume that he likes or know which lingerie that turns him on.

Every man wants to have a woman who can give them time for guy?s night out. Most men don?t like telling you there every move. This will give them a hard time hanging with there friends. They feel suffocated and trapped. A man also needs space and to have fun of there own. He also has his own life to live.

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