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Snoa Lingerie Warms More Than a Woman's Heart This Valentine's Day

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 19, 2011

How many guys are tired of spending all their Valentine's Day budget on flowers that wilt and skimpy lingerie that is worn only once? This year, men who want to get lucky all year long will give sexy sleepwear that's sensuous, soft and made sustainably... in other words, Snoa Lingerie. It's easy for men to shop for and ship their Snoa gifts, at the new online boutique (

Snoa launched to rave reviews last November, thanks to its unique combination of sexy designs and warm, sustainable fabrics. Men love the way it looks and feels, and women love its warmth and versatility - and how alluring they look in it. Here is what some of Snoa Lingerie's first customers are saying:

"I love the Hot Toddy! Toasty and soft and oh so hot. A mutually satisfying gift. Can't wait to watch as you grow! What a fabulous idea." Kathleen, Los Angeles

"Just wanted to say that M. loves the black robe! She's worn it every night since she got it and even fell asleep in it a time or two." Drew, San Diego

"Slept in the ivory long sleeved [Hot Toddy] nightie last night. And again.... I loved it and rave reviews from hubby! You should be proud. Your product is amazing. Now you just need to get it featured on Oprah." Angela, San Francisco

Sexy, Soft and Warm. What's the Secret?

How does Snoa Lingerie manage to be sensual, revealing and warm all at the same time? The Snoa secret is the soft, luxurious fabrics that warm without overheating. And in the Basics Collection, a distinctive double-fabric design of super soft silk-modal on the inside and thin yet warming wool jersey on the outside, gives many pieces in the collection a sumptuous, silky, cocooned feel. And when men give the gift of Snoa Lingerie this Valentine's Day, they'll also be giving back to the planet, because Snoa Lingerie's designs are created with the most earth friendly fabrics available today. Gentlemen can now seduce while reducing their carbon footprint. Sexy, warm and eco-friendly.... how many Valentine's Day gifts offer such an irresistible combination?

So many ways to heat up your Valentine's Day

Snoa Lingerie offers an alluring collection of Basics (sexy nighties, robe, flowing pant set) and a luxurious and romantic Signature Collection comprised of an elegant wrap, bedjacket and other sophisticated designs. You can view the collections in detail and learn more about the unique fabrics Snoa Lingerie uses at

About the Company

Anh Oppenheimer is the founder of Snoa Lingerie. Before launching Snoa, Anh was a documentary filmmaker focusing on the environment and social justice. She is producer and director of the documentary YAKOANA: The Voice of Indigenous Peoples. Anh lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children.

Susan Robinson, Partner, brings a wealth of design knowledge to Snoa Lingerie. Susan teaches fashion design at the California College of the Arts. She has owned her own clothing retail store and, in addition to Snoa Lingerie's sleepwear, has designed her own line of sportswear and lingerie. Susan and her family live in San Francisco.

Happy Valentine's Day. Happy Snoa.

Snoa Lingerie. Warm is Sexy.

Anh Oppenheimer
anh (at) snoalingerie (dot) com


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