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After the Breakup: Avoid These Destructive Behaviors Posted By : Raymond Well

If you just went through a breakup, it is normal for you to feel heartbroken and humiliated. The worst part of it is that you still love and miss your ex and are desperately looking for the solutions.

Most of the times it is definitely possible to turn the things around and get back together even happier than ever before, but first you need to stop the destructive behaviors that are preventing you from getting what you want.

You must make absolutely sure that you are not nagging, complaining or blaming your ex for what has happened. It is a common sense that if every time he sees you you make him feel uncomfortable, he will not be excited about seeing you again.

Pretending being someone you are not is not a solution either. If you need to make a constant effort to appear someone you are not in order to be with him, then you probably should not be with him anyhow. You won't be happy anyway.

You need to be pleasant to be around but scarce giving him a chance to rethink his attitude. Now, when whatever you issues you had before breakup are in history, they don't seem as important.

While you cannot change what already has happened, you have control over what you are doing now and how you present yourself here and now. If you talk to him about the past, admit that you did mistakes too and now when everything is over, you can see that clearly. He may or may not admit the same. However, do not press him into anything if he doesn't.

And the last warning is that you should never attempt to get your ex's affection by making him jealous. Now you definitely heard about some cases when it worked and everything was fine afterwards. However, it is a risky strategy, which might backfire. Your ex may decide that if you moved on so fast, there is no reason why he can't.

Avoiding these destructive behaviors that are so common at the after breakup stage is crucial. You can't even hope to rekindle the love and affection you lost while still doing these things. Surviving a breakup was a very though experience and now you must take a good care of yourself and get yourself centered before you can move to the next step - attracting your ex and making him fall in love with you again.

By: Raymond Well

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