Saturday, January 22, 2011

Go Ahead And Be A Princess

All little girls dream of being princesses. When we’re little, we spend hours dressing up and pretending that we live in big castles with beautiful horses and handsome princes vying for our affections. This fantasy is as much a part of our genetic makeup as crying when we are sad or scared. We are girls, and even when we grow up to be women, we will always have the little girl in us that never goes away.

The details of adult life have a way of overriding our little girl inside, and what she wants to do. We become wives and mothers. We become the one everybody looks to for comfort and nurturing. And we give it to those we love, freely and happily; that’s what we do. But in the course of trying to be everything to everybody, we somehow forget all about what we need. And we especially forget all about what used to make us happy all those years ago.

If we are lucky, we meet our prince charming, he may not come to us on a great big white horse, but he is good and he loves us. Unfortunately, accepting love and adoration is not always easy for a lot of women. And some go to the extreme of feeling guilty when they are the ones being taken care of and spoiled.

You can go a long time without looking back at the things that made you happiest as a child, especially when days feel like seconds and years feel like days. But when something comes up to make ribbons of memories billow through your mind, until they wrap around your thoughts; it all comes rushing back to you. And you should do everything in your power to make sure it doesn’t get away again.
Taking the time to nurture yourself is not selfish, or a waste of time. Being good to yourself floods you with good feelings and gives you a sense of happiness and gratitude. Whatever you are feeling is often what you share with others, so making sure you are feeling as good as possible, as often as you can, allows you to share those good feelings with the people you love, and even those you don’t even know.
Never be too grown up to let who you are inside, show through in everything you do. Spending time on you is necessary and healthy. Surround yourself with beauty always. Celebrate how good beautiful things make you feel by creating a space that you can feel completely calm in and in awe of.

Taking the time to do things for you that reflect how much you love yourself will benefit everyone in your life, and everyone you come into contact with.

Remember you are a princess and whether anybody else in your life acknowledges it or not, you always can. Some people may resent the high esteem you hold yourself in, but that is only because they have forgotten how to do it for themselves. Don’t waste your time trying to explain it to them, just show them by example. That’s how leaders and princesses do it.

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