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How To Win A Girl Friend Back Posted By : Carol Jackson

When a new relationship comes to an sudden stop, sometimes the parties involved may have doubts that it is actually happening. It is hard for some guys to accept the fact that their lady has left the relationship. They feel like this is only a bad dream and in the morning when they wake up she will be back and everything will be fine.

Snap out of it. You need to know how to win a girl friend back and make plans to get it done.
Help is on the way. Here are a few tips to help you accomplish getting your ex back.

- Everyone deserves a second chance.
Its not impossible for you to get back together. But you need to have a one on one with yourself. Are you looking for the right reasons to get back with her. Do you really love her and want her back in your life?

Is it because you dont want to be by yourself or are you upset that you were dumped and dont want to look bad with your "gang". If the love aint there, leave it alone. Thats the same as playing with a lit stick of dynomite.

- Do not appear desperate or needy
Your main task at hand is how to win a girl friend back. You may be feeling a little desperate and truly want her back. Get a grip on yourself and keep your emotions hidden.If you seem too needy,or desperate, this can be a turn-off and she may try to avoid any contact with you.

If you need to express yourself, talk to a good friend or close family member so you can get it out of your system.

Dont throw a pity party, its much more constructive to concentrate on the positive aspects of reuniting with your ex. Do not stalk her. No hiding in bushes or behind mail boxes, etc. You have enough going on in your life without the consequences this behavior may cause.

- Keep the lines of communication open.
You will no doubt run into her at the spots you both enjoyed going to. The relationship may have come to an end, but you still need to be civil,keeping in touch casually.

Let her know the communication lines are open. You do not have to start the conversation, but be willing to say hello and on occasion talk with her.

And Last

-Examine the relationship.
Take a closer look at the situation. Figure out the issues that led you to this stage. You need to know how to win a girl friend back. Find out what caused the arguments,what needs were not being met,and work to correct those problems.

By: Carol Jackson

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