Monday, January 24, 2011

Facebook Affairs! Social Networking Can Lead to Emotional or Even Full Blown Affairs Posted By : Sean Jay

There have been a lot of high profile infidelity news of late. Sports stars and TV personalities have been caught having affairs and the results have been predictable. Unfortunately, stars are not the only ones that cheat on their spouses. Regular Joes and Janes do the same all the time. Technology has become another avenue for infidelity in marriage. There is even a new term for it. It is called a face book affair.

So what is a face book affair? Let's talk about how social networking sites like face book (there are many others) work. You basically have a profile and your friends go to your page and request to be your friends. When you accept them, they can write on your public page, send you texts and even chat with you through different interfaces on the site. This is how a growing number of people keep in touch today.

Pretty harmless right? Right! Unless it leads to a face book affair. This is when in the normal process of accepting friends, an old flame from high school, college, work....wherever request to become a friend on your page. After you accept (of course) and the person has full access to you, things start to become a bit shaky.

It usually start with "catching up". This is pretty harmless again. In the innocent process of catching up the bonding becomes stronger and suddenly old patterns resurface. Flirting starts to come into play and the old flame is reignited.

Of course at this stage the idea that it is ok since nothing has happened. Its just harmless fun. Until the social media contacts evolve into meeting for coffee. This scenario has played out thousands of times (face book is just the word that is used but there are many social media sites where this phenomenon takes place). Innocent catching up is now daily conversations, that grow more intimate and can end up with another innocent meeting.

From here it could go 2 ways. The first is that the contact is limited to the internet but the information shared is so intimate as to be a betrayal of the spouse. Basically, things are shared that would not be shared if the spouse was sitting there. This is what is called an emotional affair. Regardless of the term used to explain this type of relationship, it is seen by many women to be the same as full blown cheating because it is a betrayal of trust,

The other way it could go is that it could lead to a full blown affair. The meetings for coffee can quickly escalate to private encounters. We all know where this slippery slopes leads.

Hopefully this article has cleared up the meaning of a face book affair. Having said all this, do not assume that your spouse is having one just because he or she has an account on one of these social networking sites. Be careful before you accuse them, but be aware of the possibilities.

By: Sean Jay

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