Friday, January 21, 2011

Setting Relationship Rules

Everyone has their own set of personal relationship rules. It can be anything that ranges from eating habits, manners, or even sexual rules. There are limitations to every relationship, and for every person. If you are in a relationship currently then there is a good possibility that you begun setting up and sharing the rules of ‘you’. Women do tend to have more specific rules whereas men have general rules and tend to be less meticulous in this regard. There are times when certain lines need to set in order to set limits. All relationships require certain limitations. Limitations are what give monogamy its presentation in solid relations. When the lines are set it makes it that much harder for them to be crossed.

We have all had instances where our rules were stepped on, lines were blatantly crossed, and feelings were hurt. Although we learn from our mistakes, and the mistakes of those who have crossed those lines, we need to be aware of the surrounding circumstances so as not to fall into the same repetitive instances again. If we refuse to learn from interrupted relationships then we may find ourselves, years later, in the same state. We set limits, rules, in order to preserve our dignity and our worth. If we were to have no limitations the flood gates would open and we would be taken advantage of at every turn. When a good relationship turns sour, some people actually break the rules of the relationship in order to show their disinterest in its progression; instead of doing the respectful thing and just admitting that the relationship is going nowhere. Many times the childish road is chosen.

In order to set the right path for your relationship discussion of your personal limitations should be one of the first bridges that you and your partner cross together. There must be a certain respect that is set and trust can flourish with the setting of certain boundaries and personal understandings. As a strong individual you must know that allowing another person to jeopardize your values, limits and instincts can damage your opinion of yourself. Not only does this hurt you but it will damage your ability to trust. In a solid, and understanding relationship, you can spend the time that is needed making your personal values known and respected. If you are in an equal partnership, or developing one, this will never be an issue.

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